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Wellcome to labotech

Welcome to LABOTECH all new website, the representative of Hettich centrifuges in Syria.

Since the year 2006 LABOTECH (previously TBC - Technical Business Center ) started to act as the sole agent of Hettich Centrifuges in Syria, providing labs in Syria with all kinds of centrifuges for various lab applications. Through a highly qualified staff and full support of Hettich, LABOTECH was able to supply, operate and maintain all blood bags centrifuges made by Hettich, Germany to the General Establishment of blood and medical industries (blood Bank) in Syria, with LABOTECH life time warranty; Hettich centrifuges were the only brand to be supplied to the blood banks in Syria Through the last decade, ranging from small centrifuges like EBA20 and HAEMATOKRITE centrifuges, to the heavy duty ROTOFIX32A and finally the blood bags centrifuge ROTOSILENTA630RS, Hettich centrifuges were able to fulfill all the needs of the blood banks in Syria, in addition we LABOTECH as Hettich sole agent in Syria guaranteed that all these centrifuges were working perfectly around the clock.

Driven by our motto "Where the guarantee is free forever" we were able to gain the satisfaction of all of our customers witch allowed us to dominate on the largest share of centrifuges market in Syria, by supplying traditional and special application centrifuges to both public and private laboratories in Syria.

In this web site we hope to deliver an easy way to help our customers choosing the right Hettich centrifuge for their application, were all specs and accessories are shown for each centrifuge.

if you are planning to buy centrifuge , Whatever your ambition,

whatever the purpose you want , intuitively you should go to LABOTECH

Small Centrifuges

labotech at a glance

LABOTECH (previously TBC - Technical Business Center) was established in 1999 by Maher Madi (electronic engineer)

LABOTECH may be considered as the main supplier for all blood banks in Syria, and in fact, we are the first reference for each hospital or laboratory works in the field of blood separation in Syria.

Through our outstanding headquarters in the heart of the Syrian capital, and through a close cooperation with a wide network of clients that cover all Syrian cities we became able to access all private laboratories and most of the public sector laboratories in Syria.

We earned the trust of our customers through our top specialized cadre, consisting of professional engineers for installation, operation, application and maintenance, most of them followed training courses at the most prestigious companies in Europe and Japan.

If you are living in Syria, you are certainly aware, that if you are planning to buy centrifuge Whatever your ambition and whatever the purpose you want ,intuitively you should go to LABOTECH There you can find your application no matter what, but more importantly, you'll find it ready to deliver, and it will be a free guarantee forever .



Quiet as a normal conversation.
Will not increase noise levels or contribute to stress and distractions in your lab.


Featuring stay-in-place positioning and lid drop protection.
Prevents accidents when loading.


Self-closing, auto-locking lid with steel latches
All-metal chamber provides reinforced security.


Engineered and manufactured in accordance
with all relevant quality management systems.

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EBA200, a practical centrifuge for use with small sample volumes.
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EBA 270, optimum sample preparation in medical practices .
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EBA 280, maximum performance and reliability for routine lab work.
small centrifuges
small centrifuges are light and compact
easy to move and require little space
easy to operate and deliver results rapidly.
They are save energy and save space
ideal for medical practices
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MIKRO 220 , a high-performance centrifuge for microlitre applications .
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MIKRO 220R , a compact benchtop centrifuge that is used for microlitre applications .
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MIKRO 200R , a compact refrigerated centrifuge with a high capacity for use in molecular biology laboratories.
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MIKRO 185 , for sample preparation in various molecular biology .
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MIKRO 200 , a compact microcentrifuge for sample preparation in molecular biology .
Microlitre centrifuges
When speed matters
Microlitre centrifuges are used primarily in molecular
and genetic research
Between 12 and 48 reaction tubes can be centrifuged per run .
Adapters and special rotors are available for
PCR tubes
PCR strips
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HAEMATOKRIT200 , reliable haematocrit determination in just afew minutes .
Haematocrit centrifuge
The gold standard for haematocrit determination
determine the percentage by volume of erythrocytes in blood
the haematocrit values can be easily read in the rotor
prepare blood for the photometric determination of the bilirubin content of plasma
rotor design

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